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A dining room inspired by Nature

Natural materials and interior decoration go hand in hand. When used in any setting, natural elements bring character to a place while making it feel peaceful and welcoming. So how does one use them to full effect to decorate their dining room?

The first step for bringing them into your home is to choose materials that resonate with your personal style. Natural materials such as wood, stone and rattan have a trendy and organic look that is perfect for creating a warm and inviting atmosphere in areas that need it, like dining rooms. So, if you”™re looking for some design inspiration with natural materials, read this post and steal our style! You can thank us later.

The Warmth of Wood

Wood is undoubtedly the warmest of the natural materials and its appeal is just as strong as it was centuries ago. Wood furniture with minimal lines such as the dining table Mantra has a timeless elegance. As it is free from ornaments, the focus is on the natural hues of the massive top in teak wood. All the natural beauty of the wood is preserved and highlighted by the simplicity of the design.

Wood looks good everywhere, even on the walls. Did you know that a mirror is a brilliant way to boost the atmosphere in your entertaining space by creating the illusion that there are more guests around the table? With its wooden frame, the Cargo mirror is a stylish addition in the room and will make it feel much brighter and more spacious.

Yuni- Cargomirror

The versatility of rattan

Derived from palm, rattan is a gorgeous natural material that is taking over in home decor. To complement the beautiful Mantra dining table, the Otaya chairs in natural rattan with teak legs are perfect. Their lush texture will add effortless style to your dining table.

To ensure the natural interior design theme is consistent, the swinging pendant light Thorthy made of the same tropical material as the furniture listed above will create the perfect finishing touch. Its spiky appearance creates an interesting contrast of textures with the softer finish of the chairs.


Rattan isn’t limited to furniture. In fact, this tropical material is a very popular choice for baskets and bowls and can be worked into many shapes and styles. This pretty rattan bowl Rangoon brings a natural feel to the setting and complements the trend. Place it on the table with your favourite fruits for a homey feeling.

The style of stone

Stone is inspiring and helps to create a zen atmosphere. This gorgeous lamp is made for the outdoors but nothing stops you from using it inside. Place it in a corner of the room and light it. The soft glow will create a romantic and intimate ambience around the table.

Steal that style!

Make this nature-inspired dining room yours! Come and visit our showrooms to take a closer look at natural interior design and get inspired on how to incorporate it into your home.


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