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AGORA , The Ideas Workshop

In ancient Greece, the “Agora” was a public open space used for assemblies and markets where all the artistic, spiritual, athletic and political life of the city happened. Its literal meanings is “gathering place”.

We got inspired by the concept and wanted to design something out of it. We asked ourselves: Why not create an inspiring meeting and working space within our showroom for those who share our passion for furniture, decoration and lifestyle?

Agora, the Ideas Workshop by Yuni, was born.


Our Agora: an elegant, inspiring and design-focused environment.

The result is a welcoming and stylish meeting lounge where interior designers, architects, real estate promoters and any other professionals of the building, decoration and furnishing sectors at large can use for their meetings.

Professionals and individuals alike will find in Agora a space that suits their needs, where they will be able to focus on work, get creative, meet their clients, brainstorm with colleagues and all of that within an elegant, inspiring and design-focused environment.

We also made sure that everything is at hand so that the time spent in Agora stays productive and easy. Wi-Fi and coffee facilities are available in our gathering place, which is also air-conditioned.

The Agora Style

Tastefully decorated without feeling extravagant, the style of Agora serves the purpose of a creative work area without impinging on it.

While chosen pieces of furniture elevate the ambient mood, a touch of shrubbery enlightens the space, all within a contemporary setting. Moreover, the surroundings of trendy furniture and decoration pieces from our collections provide added inspiration and real-life models when discussing your new decoration or refurbishment projects.

Agora, The Ideas Workshop, at a glance:

  • Agora is present in our Yuni showroom in Terre-Rouge
  • Gathering place for professional meeting that can accommodate up to 12 people at a time
  • Design-focused, sleekly decorated meeting area.
  • WIFI Access
  • Tea and coffee facilities

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