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How to choose the right dining table

A dining table is much more than a simple piece of furniture. It brings character and style to your dining room, and it”™s the promise of many great moments, where good friends and family come together to share good company, happy conversations and great food. Get all our tips for getting the perfect one.

Style and lifestyle

One important question is, how often and where will you use your table? If your dining table is going to be used quite regularly, and will also host homework, crafts and messy little fingers, then the best option is to combine aesthetics with durability and choose a surface that won”™t get damaged. Glass tables are great as they will not stain and can be cleaned easily.

yuni furniture blog dining table

Juma, available as a square or rectangular table is the favorite for small places and for a modern and elegant look.


Formal dining

However, if you”™re looking for a formal dining table that will be used for special occasions, what you need to do is choose a table that will complement your space and your decor, whatever your style is, ””eclectic, modern or traditional. Metal frames, for example, will give a contemporary industrial touch to your room. Plain wood adds timeless elegance and glass is modern and classy.

yuni furniture blog dining table

Give an industrial look to your dining room with this wooden table with metal legs.


Shape it up

The shape of the table is important in creating a beautiful and comfortable space. The most popular rectangular shape brings together the ”˜best of both worlds”™, by offering style and well-defined straight lines while serving your needs perfectly. A square table looks best in a smaller place, whereas a round table creates a cosy and intimate setting.

The timeless elegance of wood in a rustic family table or as a round table for a cosy atmosphere.


Add the final touches.

The chairs are of course the most important addition to your table. Some dining tables come with a pre-existing set of chairs. If it”™s not the case, choose your chairs wisely. You can add chic contrast by using a rustic table and modern chairs. Whatever your choice, make sure that they are comfortable and can fit under the table.

Add a beautiful carpet under your table and if it”™s close to a wall, embellish the space with a stylish mirror. All you need is a beautiful pendant light hanging over your table to really bring the room to life.

You are now ready to host the most beautiful dinner party.

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