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Scandicraft - Yuni Line

Going Crazy for Scandicraft

If you are a fan of the Nordic style, you will be glad to know that this trend is here to stay! It is actually embracing a whole new dimension where the inclusion of craftsmanship gave birth to the super arty Scandicraft style (hence the name!) Read on to know everything about this new craze, which is just perfect for creating a warm and natural interior in which you take the time to live. 

As much as the Nordic style was rigid, the very essence of the Scandicraft style is to break the rigour with curved shapes, light tones and natural materials. This trend was born from authenticity, originality, craftsmanship and attention to detail. Rattan, recycled wood, seagrass, natural materials and textures all come together to create a harmonious interior. The goal is to merge refined and functional material with raw material from the craft industry.

Scandicraft - Yuni Line Table

A Love Story With Wood

Few materials are as versatile and adaptable as wood, which is THE timeless element of interior design. To add a Scandicraft touch, choose recycled wood, whitewashed, or furniture with an interesting ”˜twist”™. To dress up a veranda, this gorgeous bench Chini is all about warmth and authenticity. The small details of the carved wood add a very interesting dimension to its overall look. Whitewashed wooden furniture is also back in style with a vengeance. This trend is not likely to run out of steam anytime soon and adapts perfectly to the Scandicraft style. This gorgeous mirror Bella, which looks like a romantic window can fit almost anywhere in the house”‰”“”‰bedroom, lounge, entry hall, veranda, the choice is yours! Choose furniture which has an original twist, audacious designs, or a simple and authentic style like the Geisha stool, made with teak. To create a beautiful contrast, you can use it to complement a table with a very simple and straight design.

Scandicraft -  Yuni Line

Authentic and Natural

Seagrass objects are more popular than ever and are great to give a natural look to your decor. How to add this creative material to a room? Details are of crucial importance in the Scandicraft trend. To make a space harmonious, it”™s your ability to bring out the details of craftsmanship that will make a difference. Simple things like placemats can transform your entire dining table by adding texture and colour to your setting. This gorgeous dark blue seagrass lamp from our O”™thentique collection has a warm soul and is a real eye-catcher to any living room, kitchen, terrace or even bedroom. 

Scandicraft - Yuni Line

Rattan”‰”“”‰Always and Forever

Rattan has been present for a while now and is more popular than ever. It comes under various forms, from chairs to lamps or mirrors. It is absolutely everywhere and everyone wants it. Rattan has evolved and shows a trendier side. These gorgeous Pouchima poufs in natural rattan look absolutely stunning and would add a cosy touch to your lounge or TV room. They can also look great in a bedroom or under the veranda. If you want to be even more original, then you will love the Fibrannes pouf, with its unusual shape and beautiful texture.  

You can”™t wait to give a Scandicraft touch to your home? We will be delighted to welcome you to our stores, and assist you in finding everything that perfectly embodies this style for trendy and sensational interior decoration! See you soon!

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