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How to zen up your place?

Sometimes just a small change like a different lighting can make a big difference in creating the mood of your home. Here are a few little tips to help you zen up your space ”” and ultimately create a peaceful haven in the comfort of your own home.


Statues create an immediate feeling of peace and serenity. A zen Buddha sculpture, for example, releases positive and peaceful energy and helps keep you in balance and harmony. The sitting position inspires relaxation and meditation. It will look perfect on a low table in your lounge, entry hall or veranda.

What is more relaxing than the soft music of flowing water? A stylish water fountain brings the element of water to your space while accentuating the beauty of your outside area or garden. Choose simple and elegant designs for a minimalist effect and surround it with a few lush plants to create your private retreat for relaxation and rejuvenation.


Soft shades

Colours are known to affect the way we feel. Light hues have a calming effect on the soul. Get rid of clutter and keep ornaments and decoration to a minimum. Choose a few statement objects like lovely vases in soft shades, like a light blue tone.

Calming white-washed

The relaxed look of white-washed objects like a mirror or a decorative wood panel will lighten the atmosphere while adding a boho-chic touch to your bedroom, lounge area or entry hall. 


Play with light

Today light is not used only for visual comfort but considered as an element of design. When skillfully used, lightning can be used to set up the mood. Choose the perfect lighting that will create a soothing ambiance in all your rooms. Soft lighting is a diffused light that reduces harsh shadows and provides a more relaxing atmosphere.



Get more inspiration

Add some candles here and there in gorgeous candle holders, diffuse a calming scent or come and visit our stores. You are sure to find even more ideas to turn your house into a zen den.

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