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Let there be light with Maiori!

This month, we put full lights on the solar lamp collection from Maiori, an international brand that we bring you in Mauritius. What started in Hong Kong back in 1989, has evolved into a collaborative and interdisciplinary platform gathering some of the most established design maestros, makers and editors who come together to create the most sought after, sustainable and innovative outdoor furniture and solar lighting on the market. Claiming a pioneering spirit, cutting-edge technology and creative designs, Maiori”™s logic is based on making life easier for its users while offering a quality of execution at an affordable price. At Maiori, each of the brand”™s object tells a story and usefulness takes precedence over futility.

Maiori presents “La Lampe”

Keeping up with their times, trends and values, Maiori designs synthesise the global understanding of time well spent and by working with the most outstanding designers in the industry, they have achieved to bring creativity and ”˜joie de vivre”™ in our everyday life. Maiori has collaborated to the creation of a solar-powered lamp brand known as La Lampe that draws its inspiration from the historic streets of Paris of the 19th century with an added industrial flair. This collection is a modern take on the “Réverbère” gas lamps that illuminated the nights of Paris and which earned it the nickname “The City of Light”.

La Lampe: Solar Lighting Redefined

More than just user-friendly, autonomous and waterproof, La Lampe collection of solar lamps reflects a playful and iconic lifestyle that celebrates life by promising to light up your nights wherever you are. Created from sustainable materials through low impact processes and powered by the sun, its technology, including its wireless and advanced design features, redefines the concept of solar lighting by illuminating your outdoor settings and by shining where most lamps can”™t! Coming in different sizes and models, they will easily create the perfect environment for spas, hotels, restaurants, pool areas or anywhere that would require a delightful ambience. Today, La Lampe Collection brings light to wherever it is needed and will allow you to create your own city of light in your garden!

La Lampe Paris

This state-of-the-art lamp with its taller and slimmer shape revisits the street lights that can still be found in Paris. It can be used outdoors or indoors and works as both a hanging or a standing lamp. Its wireless and waterproof features are a major asset as it can be placed anywhere and at any given time. User-friendly and fully adjustable with light angles, La Lampe Paris is perfect for commercial and residential use.

Yuni- La Lampe Paris

La Lampe Petite

Autonomous and long-lasting, La Lampe Petite”™s solar energy efficiency is yet to be matched. Powered by daylight, it boasts the capacity to shine for up to 9 hours with a full day under the normal sun. With its ultra-light structure, it can easily be carried around and works as a table, hanging or as just about any lamps you need. Being completely wireless, it has the ability to dress up any space where it is placed and creates the perfect ambience with its mellow and warm natural light.

Yuni La Lampe Petite

La Lampe Parc

The iconic La Lampe Parc provides a bright and warm light, which is amplified by the reflective pyramid in its base. It comes in 3 different heights with a supplied hook which means it can be placed on pathways, in your garden space but also hung on your wall. This wireless and solar powered LED lamp is also available in 2 colours, either a bold black and a luxury white depending on your style.

Yuni La Lampe Parc

Bring your space to light with”¦

Shining as bright as the stars, La Lampe collection will allow you great freedom and enable you to change your lighting sources and redesign your space as you seem fit. Waterproof and made from high-quality materials, this exquisite lamp collection will also stand the test of time, no matter the weather conditions. Designed to illuminate and style indoor and outdoor spaces, they are the epiphany of state of the art LED technology, innovative solar solutions with a unique industrial touch. User-friendly, reliable and timeless, their design lightings will satisfy any furnishing and lighting needs, according to your personal taste and special needs without any compromise.

If you”™d like a touch of Paris in your space or to find out more about our ranges, please feel free to contact us and we will be more happy to shed some light on your questions.

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