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Mirror, mirror on the wall

This article is brought to you in collaboration with Azimah Domun-Saunier, Interior Designer at Ad Nova Ltd.

Modern or vintage, wooden or metallic, round, square or any shape you like, mirrors are all time favourites in home decoration. Here are our top tips to enhance small living spaces with well-placed stylish mirrors.

Bring the outdoors inside

Use a mirror to reflect pleasant views. It is a beautiful way to bring the outdoors inside and make your room look bigger. If you are a Feng Shui adept, you will be glad to know that this technique is believed to draw and spread nature”™s positive energy across the room.

Add visual dimension

A well-placed mirror brilliantly creates the illusion of space. Double the size of tight places by hanging a large length mirror behind a piece of furniture. The best way to have a bathroom feel larger and more open is to install a large mirror above the sink.

Spread light

Place a mirror behind a light source to make a room look more spacious. Entryways and dining rooms are ideal places for mirrors as they reflect any source of light and help to brighten up dark areas, thus creating a feeling of space. They are like windows you can move around and create an elegant and relaxing atmosphere.

Make a stylish statement

Used creatively, a mirror can become a beautiful focal point of a room that needs attention. Mirrors are indisputably one of the best decorative items that can boost the feeling of space and add a touch of glamour almost anywhere. Have fun, move them around. Whatever you do, you can”™t go wrong.

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