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yuni furniture and lifestyle kickstart 2018

Please take a seat

As its name suggests, the living room is the most lived-in spot in your home. It”™s where everyone gathers to bond, enjoy a conversation or watch TV.  Why not give it a fresh make-over for 2018?

Comfort is king

Relaxing in front of a great movie is a real treat. Except if you have an uncomfortable sofa! Remember, it is also in the living room that you entertain other people. You don”™t want your guests to leave with a backache! Comfortable sofas and chairs are a must! Choose quality that will last!

Yuni furniture rug vases

Make it cosy

An inviting lounge means more quality time shared with your loved ones. A few things can do the trick. A gorgeous coffee table, an arty rug, some matching vases and a few stylish objects will certainly lift up the entire space, including everyone”™s spirits.

Looks matter

What kind of mood do you want to create? The best option is to have neutral colours for your sofa and armchairs, such as light grey, taupe or off-white. You can then add colourful cushions to achieve the style you are looking for”¦ Light blue and pink for a Scandinavian look, tribal patterns for an African vibe, bright colours for a boho touch”¦

Yuni furniture and lifestyle sofas

Work with your space

When buying a sofa, it”™s important to use your space wisely so you don”™t cramp your style. A L-shape is great for a large room, as well as for open areas that need to be divided, such as separating the living room from the dining room. If you don”™t have enough place for a regular size sofa, choose a two seater or sectional sofas, with many options with different seating arrangements.

Visit our stores for inspiration and get the revamp that will make everyone happy to come together.  After all, the living room is your family’s room.

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