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Revamp your dining room for Rs 73,500

A dining room isn”™t just any room. It is where you gather around a hearty meal after work, where you listen to your children talk about their day at school or where you raise your glass with your friends. It must be a welcoming space that offers comfortable seating while complementing the rest of your decor and reflecting your design preferences.

How about breathing new life into your dining room? We have what you need to take the family”™s favourite gathering room to the next level with a complete makeover, for a total amount of Rs 73,500. Read on and get inspired!

The choice of the dining table is crucial. After all, it is the main piece of furniture which accommodates the children”™s homework, your family”™s everyday meals, dinner parties and special occasion celebrations. Make way for hospitality with the wooden Sailor dining table. This table oozes simplicity at its best while being really elegant. The warmth of wood complements any styles and will never go out of style either!

The table and the chairs act very much as the centrepiece of your room and the set-up must be aesthetical. To add some character, choose chairs which are of a different style. To complement our beautiful table, we chose the Miranda chairs, which are chic and quite unique with their beautifully designed back. When deciding on the number of chairs to buy, think about how many people you want to seat on an everyday basis and at dinner parties. Include at least 3 feet of space between your dining chairs and nearby walls and furniture so people can move comfortably their chairs in and out and walk around the table without having to do the limbo dance.

In Feng Shui, the best place to hang a mirror is the dining room as it attracts the desired energy of wealth and abundance by making the amount of food double visually. A mirror is always the perfect addition to a room as it makes the space seem brighter and bigger than it really is. With its interesting design made in teak wood, the Cargo mirror will add a natural artistic touch to your dining room and will match perfectly with the rest of the furniture.

There”™s nothing like a statement pendant light hanging over a dining table to really bring the room to life. Due to all of the activities that take place there, choosing the right pendant can be tricky as it is important that the space possesses sufficient lighting. This is why the hanging lamp Sky is the most perfect choice. Its rattan netting adds distinctive style to the room while letting the light shine through without obstruction.

Steal that style!

Would you like to make this gorgeous dining room yours? Find all these items and much more in our stores. We would be delighted to show you around to make sure you get exactly what you want. We can also tailor make our furniture to suit your liking, as well as take care of the delivery and installation. See you soon!

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