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Yuni Furniture Rugs and Mirror, table and pot

Splashing colours!

If you think your interior might be a little dull, be happy. Neutral tints are perfect to create an elegant serene atmosphere and beautiful contrasts by adding a few pops of vibrant colours. Here are a few tips to pick-up the look of your room and liven up the decor, without touching a paintbrush.

In any corner

You can be daring and choose small pieces of furniture, like a small cabinet with a dash of blue yellow and green. With that recycled vintage look, they add that irresistible boho-chic touch to your room. They can add interest to a dull corner or look amazing in a small entrance hall.

Inside or outside

Adding a few colourful pots are an easy way to add a lively touch to your style. Choose bright eye-catching hues like citrus orange to add some pops and pazzazz.

yuni furniture colour splashes

On the wall

You will find that you can add a real punch of colour to a room just by adding a mirror with a bright frame to your wall. Choose a creative design et voilà !

On the floor

Instead of small details, you can also try one big statement piece, like a beautiful rug. The floor is often overlooked as a place to add a layer of colour. Strategically placing a brightly-coloured rug under a table or chair works brilliantly to bring together your living room theme while adding pattern.

Yuni furniture Mira Mirror Semina rug

Remember that what stands out in your home depends on your base tones. Take this into consideration so you are sure to choose just the right splash of colour. Have fun!


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