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The charm of whitewash

Often associated with the shabby chic style, whitewashed furniture can be mixed successfully with a variety of decorating styles. It”™s great for wood lovers as this technique allows the natural grain and warmth of wood to show through, while the light colour will brighten up a room. With its interesting texture, whitewash furniture adds a rustic charm to any room.

Hang some style

Add a bit of rustic charm to your walls with a beautiful whitewashed mirror that will uplift the decor of your room. It will add a natural feel to your interior wherever you choose to hang it; in the entryway, your bedroom or the lounge.

Introduce the whitewash style to your decor with vases and uplift your room”™s atmosphere with this beautiful mirror.

Beautiful accessories

You can easily introduce the whitewash style to your decor with objects such as vases. With their modern shape and naturalistic finish, classy tall floor vases are ideal for empty spaces that need some height, texture, and colour. You can also add a stunning floral display if you are feeling creative.

Gorgeous furniture

A beautiful whitewashed piece of furniture like a console is great way to introduce the warmth of wood to your decor, without the colour. It will add this subtle Scandinavian-modern-style to your entryway and will complement any decoration.

While a whitewashed console introduces the warmth of wood to your decor, without the colour, you can add the final touches to your interior with whitewashed decorative objects.

Little touches

The rustic home decor has its place in any space. Add little touches of charm and character to your interior with whitewashed decorative objects. They can be placed on any shelf, console or low table as an airy accent that will soften the rest of your decor.

Whatever you choose, when it comes to styling your home, you cannot go wrong with whitewash. It is the perfect style to create an inviting and cosy atmosphere, with that little touch of beach-inspired shabby chic.

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