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The rising status of our deco pack!

Styling and decorating a property in a competitive real estate market can most certainly be seen as an investment in order to get the highest possible bid for your property whether it is for sale or for rent. But style and aesthetic also contribute to making homes much more livable and comfortable with on top, an added distinguished flair! What”™s more, it seems that we are now living in the era of design with consumers seeking for more personalised decors when it comes to home furnishings and that at just about every price point. Fueled by the ever increasing demands of customers looking to design their homes or investments but yet without the hassle and the time required that come along with it, we provide a highly sought after and bespoke deco packs and property designing service for you to choose from.

Why our “deco pack”?

Since 2004, Yuni has made a name for itself when it comes to designing and supplying furniture packs to numerous residential and hotel projects across the island and that with much-acclaimed success both in terms of design and time accuracy. Moreover, what makes us stand apart from our competitors is the ability to offer unique furniture packages and tailor-made furniture solutions for both outdoors and indoors through our manufacturing factories both in Mauritius and Bali.

deco pack yuni furniture

This concept has been put in place for those who love design and style without unfortunately the time nor the desire to do it themselves. And why should they? As design maestros, we are here to do just that and what”™s more, we will make it appear as a seamless encounter! So, whether you want to rent or move into a fully furnished property or even start a home or room makeover according to the latest trends and all that within a limited time span, our “deco pack”  will nail it on the head. As a turnkey solution, it includes everything you need for an exquisitely furnished space that is unique to you.

How we do it?

Since year brings in new innovation and trends, customers can easily get frazzled from all the new designs and concepts bombarding the furniture industry. As your sole middle-man, we sort out the best options for you and with you in order to pinpoint the style and design you want to create. Our clients”™ individual taste is the pinnacle of our work and we are proud to offer personalised and tailor-made “deco packs” by reproducing the models of your choice. You can also browse and choose from our catalogue and mood boards with their choice of furniture, colours, themes and materials, all designed by our interior designers. Designed to impress, this offer is complemented with a wide range of references among which you will find our home collection, Yuni Line as well as collections from international designer brands such as Manutti, Cane-line and Maiori, to name a few, all readily available in our showrooms.

deco pack furniture yuni

Forget about multiple suppliers, we take care of everything!

We create packages that suit all properties and all budgets, large or small, and that are even tailored to work with existing furniture if required. Seamlessly and in no time, your property is transformed into a trendy and comfortable place. For a hassle-free move and an impeccably furnished dwelling, do not miss our turnkey solution that includes the manufacture, coordinating, delivery and final installation of all your furniture, along with a high-quality after-sales service. In short, with our decoration pack, do not waste your time or your energy and benefit from our expertise in the field of furniture and design!

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