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The tradition of lights

Diwali is probably one of the most beautiful celebrations of the year and literally means rows of lighted lamps. It honours the victory of good over evil and spreads over 5 days of festivities and bonding.

Whether you are hosting a gathering or not, you must be ready to welcome friends and relatives who will drop by, to exchange gifts and treats. Here are some bright ideas to add some festive cheer to your home and celebrate with the ones you love.

Let your entrance shine!

Make your entrance more welcoming so that your guests feel ready to celebrate as soon as they arrive. You can create real masterpieces just by hanging up fairy lights and placing flowers, divas and tea lights in a creative way.

Give a glow to your house

Infuse warmth and cosiness to your house by placing traditional lamps around it and on the edges of your window panes. It will sure look magnificent at night! Some stylish table lamps will instantly brighten up a room.

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Brighten up your walls

Hang fairy lights to your curtains and around your doors to add some magic to the atmosphere. Bring out your paintings, pictures or mirror with a beautiful wall lamp.

Don”™t forget the floors!

Your floors also deserve your attention. For the creative ones, use chalk or coloured powder to make beautiful patterns and the sign of the Mangal Kalash. Add some modern floor lamps to give an edge to your regular Diwali decor.

Illuminate your outdoors 

The weather is just perfect to enjoy the outdoors. Set the mood for the festivities by lighting up this space by placing decorative lanterns and candles here and there.

Light up your house in style

This is a great time to finally buy that some stylish lamps for your décor, whether it”™s an accent floor lamp, an attractive wall lamp or anything that you have been yearning for,  Diwali is the perfect occasion to finally make this object of desire a part of your home!

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