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The Yunique Piece

Proudly crafted by Our Mauritian Artisans 

It”™s not that you don”™t like the furniture you encounter in stores but you”™ve got a precise idea of what you want and the atmosphere you would like to create in your home, in your office or your hotel. For your unique dream furniture to come to life, we offer tailor-made solutions. Your wish is our command.


Beach Club La Plage


Whether you”™ve been dreaming of finding the perfect fitting console for years or just woke up with a brilliant idea for a bed, our team of passionate craftsmen shall deliver unique woodwork. Let us know the project you have in mind and we will make it happen.

From doodles to creation

Visit us in one of our stores; show us your inspiration and your doodles, share with us what you envision. We”™ll have a chat and we”™ll show you how our know-how can serve your creativity. Of course, we”™ll come to your premises for a site-visit; we want to make sure the piece you want will fit perfectly in your property. Not only because the size will be to the nearest millimeter, but also because you would have chosen the design, the type of wood, the color, the finish”¦ Tailor-made does not limit only to the dimension of the piece, it also embodies aesthetics.

AO Résidence de Luxe

AO Résidence de Luxe


Home yunique art

By entrusting the realization of your creation to our artisans, you are not only choosing talented and committed Mauritian craftsmen but you”™re also bringing to your space a unique piece of furniture, one which will blend perfectly with your decor. You won”™t have to change every other item in your residence to make room for your creation. It will feel at home right away. This exclusive work of art will belong to your only home. It won”™t be seen anywhere else. A truly yunique piece”¦

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