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They Are Us: Meet Our People!

We have come a long way since our inception in 2004. Starting from our first furniture shop in Pointe aux Canonniers, to our two current showrooms in Terre Rouge and Tamarin, we have built a team of caring people sharing the same passion for contemporary, trendy furniture and interior decoration.

Whether they are in the limelight within the showrooms or working backstage in the workshops, our staff members are committed to their professions. They are always present to advise you on the latest trends and the type of furniture that will meet your requirements; or busy creating this unique piece that will enhance your home, office and lifestyle.

At Yuni, we put special attention to building strong relationships, and to put people first. To this end, we”™re pleased to introduce you fully to our team:


Our Management team ”“ The Drivers of the Yuni Dream

Bryce Bauwens

Kevin Bauwens

Rony Virassamy

Our Administrative Team ”“ The Jugglers of”¦Everything Paperwork           

Malini Kisto – Project co-ordinator

Manida Chettiyar – Project co-ordinator

Shalinee Shamjhu – Administrative assistant & sales

Medgee Forget – Development & sales

Ashley Chuttur – Storekeeper

Our Account Team ”“ The Ledger Lovers

Ashley Jhurry – Accountant

Noorjahan Mowlabacus – Assistant accountant

Our Sales Team ”“ The Wizards

Kasila Virassamy – Manager of sales & showroom/customer care (Terre Rouge)

Alisha Kallooa – Sales officer (Terre Rouge)

Aruna Sukhoo – Head of sales for Tamarin showroom

Shweta Arjoon – Sales officer for Tamarin showroom

Our Craftsmen Production team ”“ The Creators

Dilmahamud Issahab – Head of production

Dilmahamud Akil – Assistant production

Zarine Lowtun – Secretary

Rungen Seevaren

Vikram Tacoory

Karounen Putchay

Jean Christophe Larcher

Yusuf Lalljee

Barlen Veenatheethan

Our Maintenance Team for After Sales Service ”“ The Workshop Aces

Kishen Greedharee

Jordan Lebon

Bruno Ramduth

Rajiv Bahadoor

Michael Josephine

Our Delivery Team ”“ The Diligent Deliverymen

Sanjay Dawooky – Driver

Surren Jeetun – Helper/Driver

Neeraj Chakowry – Helper

Cleaning Department ”“ The Custodians of Cleanliness

Anna Soniah – Cleaner/Helper (Terre Rouge)

Therese Jersey – Cleaner/Helper (Terre Rouge)

Varathen Goindamah – Cleaner/Helper (Tamarin)

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