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Tropical Vibes

For this month of March, as we celebrate our 51st anniversary of independence, why don”™t we show our patriotism by adding a little touch of tropical spirit in our homes? Whether you live on the coast or not, an island-style decor adds a warm, exotic feel to any interior. This decorating trend incorporates white and beige colours, where the oversized foliage and accents bring colour to the rooms. Mauritius has a lush nature, don”™t hesitate to bring green leafy plants inside.

Want to add this warm and inviting style to your home, but you are not sure where to start? Here are some fresh ideas for some inspiration!

Yuni - Marina - Buoyer

Nautical touches

The tropical style can be infused in your home just by adding a few decorative elements. Accessories are a perfect way to show off your personal style! Create a nautical feel with the glass balls in a net Buoyer. They come in different sizes and look amazing in a corner or hanging from the ceiling. They look better as a set, but it”™s up to you if you want all three or only one. Are you hosting a small party? The marine wooden tray Marina will bring some ocean blue to your decor and is great to serve your exotic cocktails and fresh drinks.

Beachy Walls

A beautiful mirror is always a good choice when it comes to adding sparkle to a space. Mirrors reflect light, add life and make small rooms appear larger. Some can even add drama with their creative shapes. With its wooden frame shaped like a sun, the Sury mirror looks like a bright sunny day and brings an amazing feel-good atmosphere into your home! The Spindle mirror, decorated with glittering shells, lends a laid-back feel to your space with its elegant beachy looks.

Forever Rattan

As far as we can all remember, from our ”˜tente l”™Ã©cole”™, which was a rattan-made little bag, with a handle and lid that we used to carry our lunch, to the ”˜tente bazar”™, that our mums used to carry their vegetables from the market, rattan baskets were very much present in our childhood memories. In fact, from chairs to frames, rattan has always been around in every Mauritian house. This ultra-versatile material is back in style and seems to be everywhere once again. The retro-style Netto baskets are a sweet reminiscence of those we had when we were kids. Add these colourful beauties in your bathroom to hold your paper rolls, folded towels or soap bars. They will also look create under your veranda, to hold your favourite magazines. You can also choose one statement furniture, such as this gorgeous Matahari rattan chair, which will add a fresh tropical look to the whole room. Add it to your existing lounge set, or in a bedroom with a colourful flowery cushion that will match the theme.

Simple, stylish, versatile furniture and decorative objects are essential for island living. Come and visit our showrooms and we will be delighted to show you what else you can use to transform your homes.

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